Analysis and Design of WDM/TDM Networks

The application supports the analysis of WDM/TDM networks in terms of resource utilization and service quality as well as their topology design and resource dimensioning.

Following features distinguish the application:

  • Calculate utilization of links based on present and future bandwidth demands
  • Find possible capacity bottlenecks
  • Check channels on WDM/TDM topology for completeness, correctness and for path diversity
  • Check/provide wavelengths for continuity
  • Find shortest paths under given constraints such as existing capacities, shared risk groups, positioning, subnetworks, etc.
  • Allocate positions to individual channels
  • Emulate failures of links and points for detecting shared risk groups
  • Calculate end-to-end delays and availabilities
  • Calculate capacities of multiplex sections
  • Configure network elements by hardware modules
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