NetWorks Next-Generation Transport

NG Transport

NetWorks NG Transport is a comprehensive tool for analyzing, planning and optimizing your transport network based on IP/MPLS, Ethernet and TDM/WDM technology. It is also used for medium- and long-term strategic planning of active and passive transport network components.

The tool provides a detailed overview of your network structure. It optimizes the routing of bandwidth demands, defines the capacities and the allocation of network resources, and supports the configuration of devices. Various planning scenarios can be conveniently created and easily compared. The graphical and tabular functions and the interactive user interfaces allow you to plan your networks creatively and efficiently and to show the results clearly.

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Your Benefits

  1.  Reduction of planning effort joint planning of physical, transmission and packet network in one tool

  1. Focus on quality of service modeling customer SLAs, services, service access points and various QoS concepts

  1. Improved network reliability identifying risks, calculating appropriate scenarios and supporting the planning process across all transport layers

  1. Transparent planning process

...through access to all planning-relevant data from different sources bundled in one tool

  1. Reliable results

... by using proven methods

Use Cases

We support you in a wide variety of use cases:

Analysis and design of IP/MPLS/Ethernet networks
Analysis and design of WDM/TDM networks
Evolution planning of mobile backhaul connections

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