NetWorks Technical Cost Modeling

Consistent Modelling of the Network Components on Various Network Levels

NetWorks Technical Cost Modeling supports strategic decisions by translating coverage and capacity targets from marketing into technical network topologies. The generated results support reducing investment risk by providing detailed information on the spatial and temporal distribution of required capacity.

Transforming strategic business objectives into CAPEX and OPEX plans, broken down to individual network elements, enables complex dependencies between marketing assumptions and required network capacities to be worked out. Consideration of existing infrastructure in its geographic context is a key feature of this solution.

Automated network calculation ensures fast and reliable planning results, especially when examining what-if scenarios. The use of GIS data enables the consideration of inhomogeneous distributions of network elements and market demand. The goal is to reduce the investment costs for network expansion as well as the running costs for network operation in the long run.

Detailed information on the NetWorks Technical Cost Modeling product can be found in the flyer:

Benefit from NetWorks TCM

  • Inclusion of existing infrastructure with detailed configuration of individual network elements
  • Consideration of inhomogeneous geographical user distributions
  • End-to-end modeling of services across all network layers
  • Determination of the most profitable combination of technologies in mobile and fixed communication networks for the services provided
  • Definition and calculation of what-if scenarios
  • Graphical and tabular output of results
  • Import and export for many data formats

Use Cases

We support you in a wide variety of use cases:

Automated Processing of Planning Data

  • By fully automated network calculation
  • With prepared controls for individual planning

Consistent End-to-End Network Analysis and Planning

  • From access over aggregation to core level
  • For nodes and links, physical devices and pools

Algorithmic Approach for Calculation/Optimization

  • Reduced runtime of network analyses
  • Analytical and heuristic methods for capacity planning

Synchronized Tables and Views

  • For efficient evaluation of planning results
  • Consistent network documentation as graphs & lists

Future Proof Software System

  • Multi-layer approach to combine different technologies
  • Flexible algorithms to extend calculation functions

Strategic Cost Modeling for Mobile Operators

NetWorks TCM enables

  • mobile network operators to use frequency spectrum flexibly and efficiently.
  • Automated coverage and capacity planning
  • CAPEX and OPEX modeling

[Use Case NetWorks TCM for multiband planning]

Technical Cost Modeling

Use our planning tool NetWorks TCM to support your strategic decisions about coverage and capacity targets. Watch our video to learn more how you can reduce efficiently the investment risk by the generated results.  

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