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Tool-based planning and optimization of telecommunications networks

Detecon is a leading, globally active management and technology consulting company. For more than 40 years, Detecon has been combining classic management consulting with high technological competence. With NetWorks we provide you with comprehensive software solutions for the analysis, planning, optimization and documentation of resources and services in telecommunications networks.

We offer tool-based planning and consulting services as well as maintenance and support services for the provided software applications. Over the past years we have analyzed and designed various networks with our software system NetWorks. It benefits from the expertise of consultancy projects worldwide as well as ideas and requirements of our clients using the tools in their daily business.

The advantages of using NetWorks and general information on the NetWorks software system can be found in the flyer:

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Use Cases

NetWorks has already empowered telecommunication operators worldwide with planning and analyzing capabilities, enabling them to them to build and operate the best network possible.

Consulting Services

Support Services

  • Strategic network planning with a tool-based methodology for all relevant technologies and network topologies, providing optimal end-to-end network and service analysis
  • Tool-based network assessment with analysis and evaluation of the network structure and its capacity dimensioning
  • Application of NetWorks products implemented at our customers' sites, e.g. for analyses of availability, reliability and resilience
  • Implementation of FTTH planning for fiber optic expansion projects
  • Transformation of given business goals into suitable and reliable network topologies
  • Transfer of network architecture rules and their compliance using appropriate network topologies and dimensioning rules
  • Analysis and improvement of processes in the planning environment
  • Support and advice for automation in planning processes


  • Basic and advanced courses for NetWorks applications
  • Customer workshops
  • Trainings and workshops for special planning and technology topics

Additional Services

  • Coaching
  • Data Management
  • Programming

Take advantage of Detecon's competence for efficient work


  • Assure revenues from services with guaranteed quality
  • Minimize CAPEX/OPEX of resources with required performance
  • Copy with growing traffic and highly utilized resources by increasing capacity, re-routing traffic and changing topology
  • Use our topology-based tools to tackle these planning challenges

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