NetWorks Mobile Forecast

Analysis of Traffic Load on Network Elements

NetWorks Mobile Forecast is a tool for analyzing current load of existing access, aggregation and core networks. It supports the planning of necessary extensions and thus enables the optimization of network capacity management.

For this purpose, the telecommunications network can be mapped end-to-end across layers. Data is accessed both in tabular and graphical form for rapid analysis and report generation. Automated analyses of performance measurement data, even over a period of months, ensure fast and reliable planning results. These values enable network operators to reduce their investment and operating costs.

The tool supports the analysis of data traffic for any number of network elements. The efficient and transparent evaluation of various characteristic values as well as the planning of capacity expansions is based on forecasts of data traffic. These can be derived from measurement data as well as fed from external sources.

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Benefit with NetWorks Mobile Forecast


  • Evaluation of the utilization of base stations and network elements in mobile backhaul and core.
  • Forecast of future utilization based on the collected measurement data and proven regression methods
  • Transfer of market data to the current network to prepare marketing campaigns
  • Graphical and tabular output of results

Use Cases

We support you in a wide variety of applications:

Automated Processing of Planning Data

  • By fully automated network calculation
  • With prepared controls for individual planning

Consistent End-to-End Network Analysis and Planning

  • From access over aggregation to core level
  • For nodes and links, physical devices and pools

Algorithmic Approach for Calculation/Optimization

  • Reduced runtime of network analyses
  • Analytical and heuristic methods for capacity planning

Synchronized Tables and Views

  • For efficient evaluation of planning results
  • Consistent network documentation as graphs & lists

Future Proof Software System

  • Multi-layer approach to combine different technologies
  • Flexible algorithms to extend calculation functions

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